MIM360N Intelligent Series, 22" Modular Ice Machine


Maxx Ice, Intelligent Series, 22 inch, 360 lb Modular Ice Machine, Energy Star Listed

Intelligent Series Ice Machines are designed to consume up to 40% less water than similar competitor units and produce ice up to 20% faster. Maxx Ice Intelligent Series modular, air-cooled ice machines are designed for high volume ice production applications. Modular units are available in both 22 inch and 30 inch widths and compatible with most ice storage bins and beverage dispensers. Ideal for high volume restaurants, entertainment, hospitality, grocery, education and institutions applications. Modular ice makers produce both full or half dice cubes from 265 lbs up to 1005 lbs of ice. The stainless steel and black trim exterior feature’s a hinged front panel for easy cleaning and servicing. The digital controls, vertical evaporator and proven ice making technology will deliver years of reliable ice production. Ice makers meet Energy Star, UL and NSF guidelines and available in 115V and upon request 230V.

            • Modular unit is compatible with most 22" ice storage bins and beverage dispensers
            • Produces up to 373 lbs (169 kg) of full ice cubes daily
            • 22" ice maker can be stacked with the addition of an adapter to increase ice production in high volume kitchens
            • Maintenance is easy, the hinged front panel design, allows for easy access and service
            • Compatible ice storage bin is sold separately, click here for options
            • Exterior is constructed of stainless steel and black trim
            • User friendly, exterior diagnostic digital controller display is intuitive
            • The intelligent digital screen displays ice machine status and temperature
            • Power source will also illuminate LED light in storage bin
            • Automatic cleaning cycle and bin overflow prevention
            • Air-cooled compressor
            • Ice machine is available in 115V/60Hz and upon request 220V/50-60Hz
                  Ice Type and Size (W x D x H) - Full dice cube 
                  • .6875” (18mm) W x .875” (22mm) D x .875” (22mm) H
                  Model Dimensions (W x D x H) 
                  • 22” (564mm) W x 24.6” (625mm) D x  21” (532mm) H 
                  Model Weight
                  • Unit 93 lbs (42 kg) and shipping 115 lbs ( 50.5 kg)