Blakeslee™ Launches New UC20 Energy-Savings Undercounter Warewasher

Fort Lauderdale, FL – February 24, 2014

Blakeslee’s newest Undercounter Warewashing machine significantly reduces cycle time, energy and water consumption.

Blakeslee and The Legacy Companies today announced the introduction of the UC20, a new high-temperature undercounter warewasher.

“The UC20 incorporates all of Blakeslee’s technological advances making for a faster and more efficient warewashing process,” says Teresa Asbury, Vice President of The Legacy Companies. “The digital control panel has 3 languages to choose from, easy-to-set programs, and LED lights for function visibility across the room.”

From a product engineering standpoint, Blakeslee’s UC20 has one of the highest performance levels in the industry.

“The UC20 was engineered with the goal of largest wash capacity, best-in-class wash performance, flexible cycle options, easy-to-use controls and lower energy consumption,” explained Rich Sadowski, Vice President of Blakeslee. “The UC20 features seven different cycles that use only 0.60 gallons of water per cycle to distinguish the UC20 as a best-in-class machine for low water consumption and energy savings.”

Key advantages of the Blakeslee UC20 are highlighted below:

Cycle flexibility

The Blakeslee UC20 lets operators choose from seven different cycles: economy, economy plus, glassware, flatware, dishware, pot & pan, and programmable. The programmable mode provides an operator with the flexibility to program one of three options for custom wash and rinse mode and one of three options for wash and rinse temperature.

Energy Savings and Lower water consumption

The Blakeslee UC20 machine uses only 0.60 gallons per cycle with a cycle time of 50 seconds. This is the lowest water consumption of any undercounter warewasher available today. The current best-in-class is 0.62 gallons per cycle. In addition, Blakeslee’s UC20 dishwasher comes with an energy savings feature. If the machine is not operated for 30 minutes, the dishwasher automatically transitions into an idle mode, dropping the heat by 20⁰F.

Digital Display and Notice for Cleaning 

Blakeslee’s intuitive digital display guides the operator through simplified operational instructions. For example, simply scroll through and select a cycle by pressing the up and down arrows. When selections like preferred temperatures are reached or a final rinse is in process, specific colored lights are illuminated. There are no complex or confusing error codes; clean strainer prompt on the digital control display panel means it is time to clean the strainer.

Improved wash and rinse arms

Blakeslee’s UC20 comes with interchangeable upper and lower rinse arms and all stainless steel rinse nozzles. The rinse arms are easy to remove for cleaning. Blakeslee gives you the option to purchase separate wash and rinse arms for 18×26 sheet pans.

The new Blakeslee UC20 will be showcased at the 2014 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, May 17-20 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. For more information about Blakeslee’s UC20, visit

About Blakeslee

Blakeslee, known as the founder of the commercial dish machine industry, invented the first mechanical dishwashing machine in the 1880’s. Blakeslee quickly became known as THE EXPERTS in dishwashing machine design and manufacturing. Over the years, Blakeslee patented the first underslung conveyer on a Flight-Type Machine; created the only modular tank system for both Rack and Flight-Type machines; and engineered and manufactured the only low profile Rack and Flight-Type machines available at the time. Blakeslee has since grown to be a world leader in commercial equipment for the foodservice and grocery industries. In 2010, The Legacy Companies acquired Blakeslee and continued Blakeslee’s operations and manufacturing in Addison, IL. To learn more about Blakeslee, visit

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